How to conduct a quality arrangement of a summer residence yourself

Arranging a newly acquired summer cottage can be quite a challenge for the owner, because far from always we get a well-groomed and ready to use plot. But do not despair, because it’s very interesting to equip and tidy the cottage yourself!

Indeed, do not be discouraged if you are not acquiring a suburban villa, but a small land plot for growing berries, fruits and vegetables. You can bring to mind even the most terrible plot already during the first season, and even get at its completion not only a pretty landscape, but also the first crops from the garden.

Today we will tell you where to start this process, and what exactly should be given maximum attention.

Inspection of the suburban area after the acquisition

Of course, the inspection was carried out before the purchase, but a more thorough one, able to identify absolutely the whole front of work, should be carried out now. We recommend that you examine not only the exterior of the site and buildings, but also look inside, check the boundaries of the site, examine the cellars, the garden, the quality of the soil, drain pits and absolutely everything that is worthy of attention, repair and restoration.

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Cleaning of the summer cottage

After the inspection, it will be most advisable to draw up a work plan, and the first item to enter into it is cleaning from the site of all the excess. Initially, this is construction rubbish, rubbish left over from past owners, accumulation of leaves and grass, branches and logs, plastic, broken stone, rusty metal. In general, take everything that you think is superfluous to one big pile and just burn it. What is not amenable to burning, must be removed from the territory by special services or on their own.

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Communications setup

Of course, an important part of the dacha is a garden, a vegetable garden, palisades and other areas, but all this will not be able to bear fruit if the communications that ensure working comfort do not work properly. Therefore, you should initially pay attention to the water supply of the cottage, sewer, electrification and other important points.

First of all, it is water, its supply to taps or to a well, from where it will be supplied for use in one's own needs or for growing plants. Immediately it is worth considering not only the supply of water to one hose, it is much more correct to conduct water to the outdoor shower, wash basin or sink, provide water to the garden and greenhouse, etc.

Accordingly, where there is water, there should be a drainage, because far from all the water we use can be taken by the earth. It is very advisable to take care of a quality sewage system or a sewage system in the summer cottage, which will divert the used water into a special tank or pit.

Electricity is no less important than the previous two points, since it can not only illuminate and heat up, but also provide a huge number of processes necessary for the normal functioning of the cottage. That is why careful, high-quality, and most importantly, correct wiring in the territory, installation of lamps, sockets, connection of a stove, pumps and so on is so important.

Arrangement of buildings in the country

If there are no suburban buildings, they will have to be built as necessary and as funds become available. You can read about how to do this in our materials about a country house, a garage, a barn, a gazebo, a veranda, a canopy and so on. If there are buildings in the country, they should be immediately repaired and refreshed to extend their service life. Believe me, it is better to invest in repairs than in a year or two to rebuild any element.

You should start with the country house, which is natural, because it is there that you will spend a lot of time and store your things, leaving the country house. Therefore, take care of the quality of windows and doors, inspect the house for cracks, make an external repair of the basement, try to refresh the interior with cosmetic repairs, etc.

Further, you can safely proceed to the arrangement of country buildings. A barn, a garage, a gazebo, a canopy with barbecue - everything should be put in order as soon as possible if you want to not only work productively, but also have a good rest.

In addition, be sure to take care of the presence in the territory of your allotment of summer kitchen and a place to relax, because not everywhere the kitchen is equipped in the house and in the courtyard there is a comfortable gazebo.

How to correctly arrange the entrance to the house on the estate

Landscape and small architectural forms

Naturally, each of us wants to have not only a fertile summer house, but also a beautiful site that will delight the eye and in a comfortable setting that you can have a good time. You will have to work a lot for this, but you can start sequentially. Initially, experienced summer residents recommend correctly distributing the territory and designating where the lawn, greenhouse, beds, flowerbeds, garden and other small areas will be located. To do this, you can use the articles of our site or try to independently choose the location of a site.

Try to build on the basic requirements of the location in order to have a good view, as well as the opportunity to get a crop, because each similar allotment needs special conditions - lighting, the relief of the plot, watering and so on.

Having dealt with the landscape, it is necessary to bring it into a convenient and attractive appearance as much as possible. To do this, we can equip the cottage with small architectural forms - arches, pergolas, flowerbeds, decorative ponds, and also place small buildings on the territory that will help ensure a pleasant rest after serious work.

Arrangement of a garden, kitchen garden and flower beds

Everything is ready for us to grow plants in the country, because this is exactly what we sought from the beginning. Therefore, according to predefined areas of the landscape, you should choose plants for planting. Of course, many of us prefer arranging a gazebo or patio for relaxation, but arranging flower beds and flower beds is no less important.

Having a clear distribution of individual plots in the country, we can proceed to the selection of plants. Some of them will be located in the greenhouse, others - to occupy a place in the flower beds, and others - to bear fruit in the garden and in the palisade. We recommend reading the article on country garbage and its new application.

In order to properly plant vegetables and fruits, berries and flowers in the country, we offer to carefully study thematic materials, for which you can use the convenient search on the site.

Interesting ideas on the arrangement and design of the cottage

The idea of ​​acquiring a summer cottage and its quality and proper arrangement - A very important and complex issue that should be approached wisely. But if you do everything sequentially, with great desire and soul, then soon you will receive a flowering and bright area that will bring the desired results. We recommend reading the article on how to decorate the garden with moss and lichens.