Features of growing freshness apple trees

Features of growing freshness apple trees

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Fresh apples are a real storehouse of nutrients, trace elements, vitamins and minerals. That is why apple trees are very popular among gardeners and are grown in most subsidiary farms and in many suburban areas. The plant is unpretentious, and compliance with agricultural technology allows you to get excellent results in the form of a large crop of quality fruits.

General information

Breeding apple trees of the "Freshness" variety does not cause gardeners significant trouble. These fruit trees are able to delight the harvest of delicious and juicy fruits for many months. The variety "Freshness" was selected at the end of the last century. The breeding was the result of complex crosses. In the works, the Antonovka-Krasnobochka variety and hybrid trees based on varietal features of Welsey were used.

The main regions for cultivation are represented by the central regions of our country. The name of the variety corresponds to the description of ripened fruits: they are very juicy and have a pleasant, refreshing taste.

The main advantages of the variety are resistance to scab damage of fruits and foliage, productivity, late winter crop formation, as well as high commodity rates of harvested fruits. By cons include a few averaged taste data.

Grade description

Fruit trees have an average size, winter hardiness and fast growth rates. Crohn is characterized by a rounded shape and medium density. The main branches depart from the stem at an acute angle. They are characterized by a certain curvature, compact arrangement and upward direction of growth. The woody bark of the standard part and the main shoots is smooth, brown in color.

Shoots have an average thickness, relative articulation and roundness over the cross section. The main color of the stain is brown; pubescence is present. A significant number of lentils are medium in size and are clearly distinguishable visually.

The pressed kidneys are very smooth, have a conical shape. The leaves of the Freshness variety seedlings are large, wide and have a helical twisted top, as well as a rough nerve. The leaf plates are concave, slightly pubescent. Leaf margins are small-barked. Petioles are long, of medium thickness, with slight pubescence. Flower buds are smooth, medium in size, with a slight elongation.

Thyroid inflorescences can contain from four to six flowers. In the budding phase, the flowers are white with a slight pink tinge. Opened flowers are saucer-shaped, pinkish unclosed petals. Stigmas are located at the level of anthers or slightly lower. Pedicel sizes are average.

The fruits are medium or large. They are characterized by medium uniformity, slight flattening, wide ribbing and regular shape. The peel on the fruit is characterized by smoothness, oiliness and sheen. The main staining during the phase of removable maturity varies from greenish to yellow. Coating is represented by strokes and stripes of red. Subcutaneous points are insignificant, barely noticeable, green.

The stalks are characterized by an average length and thickness. The stalks are straight or oblique. Funnels differ in depth, medium width, without rust. Seed chamber closed, medium size. Seeds are large, narrowed, conical in shape and dark brown in color.

Apple tree "Freshness": variety description

Chemical composition

The pulp of the fetus has a greenish coloration. It is dense, fine-grained, juicy, with a mild aroma. The attractiveness of the fruit is estimated at 4.3 points, and the taste at 4.2 points.

The chemical composition of ripened fruits is as follows:

  • the total amount of sugars slightly exceeds ten percent;
  • less than one percent titratable acid content;
  • the ascorbic acid content is just over twelve percent in one hundred grams of the product;
  • the content of P-active substances - 436 milligrams in one hundred grams of the product;
  • the content of pectin is slightly less than eighteen percent.

Variety "Freshness" refers to the category of fairly early. The first fruits are eaten in the fifth year after planting. Own trees begin to bear fruit in eight years.

Planting and Care Rules

Apple trees of the Freshness variety are distinguished by their unpretentiousness to cultivation conditions. A very important nuance is the correct arrangement of trees of this variety in the garden. A good place would be a light area not far from another species of apple tree. Apple trees of the Freshness variety are recommended to be grouped with other varieties, due to cross-pollinated products.

The pit for planting seedlings should be no wider than one meter and a depth of about sixty centimeters. The soil in the pit must be fertilized and well loosened. It should be borne in mind that when using the method of supersaturation of planting soil, apple trees add well in growth, but bear fruit very poorly.

When planting a seedling, you should pay attention to the location of the root neck, which should be on the same level with the ground. After disembarkation, abundant watering is performed. Proper care is always comprehensive and consists of the following main activities:

  • regular inspections of garden plantings;
  • timely healing of injuries and wound surfaces;
  • removal of dry or damaged shoots;
  • loosening of soil around garden plantings;
  • pest treatment and stem whitewashing.

Do not forget to irrigate the garden, especially in hot and dry weather.

You can also learn about the features of apple trees of the "Candy" variety by reading the corresponding article on our website.

Autumn apple tree care

The period of removable maturity begins in the last decade of September. Productivity of the Freshness variety is quite high. The period of consumer use lasts from November to the last decade of May. For storage of fruits, wooden containers are used, which are placed in a cool room.

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