Apple trees of the Grade Gift to Grafsky: description and features of cultivation

Apple trees are popular and loved in Russia. Their fruits are indispensable for baby and diet food. Ripe and juicy fruits perfectly quench your thirst and contain a large amount of substances that are very useful for the human body. Replacing apples completely in our diet with any other fruit is almost impossible.

General information

Good yields of the Gift Grafsky apple tree are demonstrated almost annually. This variety does not have a so-called resting or resting period, which determines its popularity and relevance for personal subsidiary plots.

Apple trees belonging to the "Gift Count" variety have good immune defense, which contributes to a high degree of resistance of orchards to a significant number of pathogenic pathogens and pests of fruit trees.

The disadvantage of the variety can be considered insignificant indicators of the fall of fruit from the apple tree. Among the advantages are excellent winter hardiness, very large and tasty fruits, abundant fruiting, a beautiful crown and an excellent appearance of a tree during flowering. Such an apple tree is a real decoration of the garden.

Grade description

The apple-tree of stambovy type, vigorous, having a crown with average thickening, good foliage. Crohn is also characterized by sprawling and reverse pyramidal. Fruits are mainly formed in areas of perennial annulus. Very often fruiting is observed on two-year-old shoots. The apple tree is characterized by a high level of energy of growth and development of shoots and a powerful crown, which makes it possible to classify the Gift as Grafsky variety as strong-growing.

The branches of the tree are of medium length and thickness, dark gray staining. Leaflets are characterized by medium size, oblong, dark green staining. The leaves are slightly wavy, leathery, their petioles are of medium length. The marginal parts of the leaves serrate. The flowers of the apple tree of the grade “Present to the Count” are painted in white and pink. They are not large, with a column of pistils and stigmas towering above the anthers.

The apple tree of the Grade Gift Present forms rather large fruits, the weight of which exceeds 300 grams. The fruits are characterized by non-uniformity, the presence of a rounded conical shape, a weak degree of ribbing, uneven size and an almost smooth surface.

The skin of apples of this variety is of medium thickness with the main color yellow. The integumentary color is violet-red, almost continuous, represented by numerous stripes. Subcutaneous dots are inconspicuous. There is a slight waxy coating, rusting is not typical for the fruit.

The apple stalks are of medium length and thickness. A small amount of seed is characteristic. Seeds are medium sized, brown.

The beginning of the mass fruiting of the apple tree of the grade “Gift to the Count” falls on the fifth or sixth year of cultivation. Annual fruiting is observed with yield fluctuations depending on weather conditions.

Apple trees: a review of varieties

Fruit characterization

The flesh of apples has a light yellow coloration, sweet and sour taste, weak aroma, medium juiciness and hardness, fine grain. Taste indicators and keeping quality are very good. According to the standard chemical composition, the fruits of the Gift Grafsky variety favorably differ in the significant content of chlorogenic acid.

The use of apples of this variety is shown fresh to patients with elevated acidity of the stomach, as well as liver problems, an excess of oxalic acid in the body. Apples are an indispensable product for the prevention of atherosclerosis. Fruits have a positive effect in the post-infarction period. About the actual chemical composition is not enough.

Planting and Care Rules

Varietal features are represented by the presence of a distinctly expressed stem and crown of an inverted cone species. Apple trees of the “Gift to Grafsky” variety are characterized by insignificant thickening of foliage and spreading branches. The nutritional area for plants is at least 20 meters in diameter.

Barrel soil must be free from any planting of crops, as well as weeds. It should be remembered that the variety is characterized by the possibility of the formation of fruits on last year's shoots.

The optimal time for planting an apple tree of this variety is the spring period to the sap flow stage, as well as late autumn. It is best to plant apple trees in the fall. If it is impossible to make an autumn landing, the landing should be performed in the first decade of April before the swelling of the kidneys.

The variety does not need to use special planting agricultural technology. The standard dimensions of the landing pit should be 100 x 70 centimeters. A pit should be prepared a week before planting seedlings. Attaching seedlings to pegs should not be neglected. The variety is not resistant to reduced moisture, which requires several mandatory irrigation in each season.

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Harvesting and storage

The bulk of the fruit ripens by early October. Storage of large volumes of apples of the grade “Gift to Grafsky” should be carried out in sealed refrigerators at a temperature of about zero degrees. When stored in a cellar or dry basement, temperature fluctuations from zero to plus four degrees are allowed.

How to store apples in winter

It is possible to preserve the crop with minimal losses by conducting high-quality preparation of the storage room, as well as by disinfecting the containers. All fruits must be carefully sorted. Two-layer storage with sprinkling of layers of fruit with wood chips is recommended. Humidity should not be more than 90%. In such conditions, the harvested apples of this variety are perfectly preserved until the May holidays.

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