Gas BBQ grill for summer cottages

If you have an old barbecue in your yard, then it's time to think about replacing it with an improved design. Nowadays, the gas barbecue grill is very popular, which allows you to cook delicious meat no worse than in a restaurant.

Device design and capabilities

Modern grills are designed not only for cooking meat products. Most of the models completely replace gas ovens, as they have a built-in oven. On a gas grill, you can cook fish, vegetables, bake pizzas, pies, etc. in the oven. There are many types of appliances that differ in functionality. Let's look at what main parts it consists of:

  • Burners are the main operating mechanism of a gas grill, and their quality determines the efficiency of the appliance, as well as the taste of the cooked dish. The most reliable are stainless steel products. Cast iron and brass burners have proven themselves quite well. When choosing a gas barbecue grill for a summer residence, you need to pay attention to the combustion regulation. Better to give preference to models with a smooth tincture. The stepwise regulation of the combustion of burners is always indicated by numbers such as "1", "2". Their disadvantage is the impossibility of precisely setting the desired heat temperature.
  • True gourmets who love vel-dan steaks should pay attention to infrared burners. They can be steel, ceramic or glass. During the combustion of gas, heat is obtained with a temperature of up to 370aboutFROM.
  • The grill is not just a piece of food. The quality of the prepared dishes depends on its design. Stainless steel and cast iron are characterized by a large accumulation of heat. Food is fried better on such a rack. Moreover, the rods should be thick round or wide flat. The grill with thin round rods reduces the browning effect of food.
  • Manufacturers are trying to improve their products with additional components that expand the functionality of the device. This can be: a built-in oven, additional side burners, a rotating spit, etc.
  • Separately, from the additional elements, it is worth considering the smokehouse. It can be built into the grill or connected separately as a stand-alone device. Smoke in a smokehouse is obtained from burning sawdust.
  • All gas appliances are equipped with an electric igniter for ignition. However, it is better to purchase a model that has a window for manual ignition from matches.

That’s all there is to say about setting up gas barbecue grills. As you can see, the design of the appliance is no more complicated than a kitchen gas oven.

What to look for when choosing a gas grill

The fuel for the considered grill models is mains or liquefied gas. There is no big difference in this and does not affect the quality of food preparation. When buying a device for personal use, you need to consider the availability of natural or liquefied gas in your area. It is important to provide for the convenience of connection: a cylinder or a line. The first option allows you to make the device mobile.

Advice! There are grills that can operate on bottled and main gas. It is better not to save money, but to give preference to just such a model.

When buying a mobile grill that runs on bottled gas, it is important to pay attention to the body of the product. It should be made of stainless steel, enamelled steel, non-ferrous alloys or cast iron. The handles on the body are installed from materials that are resistant to high temperatures. Cheap plastic will melt the first time it is heated. It is very convenient to use a mobile device, the body of which is equipped with wheels for transportation. They usually have a latching function.

Advice! You can determine the quality of a stainless steel with a magnet.

If it does not gravitate towards the grill body, then the material is excellent. Magnet adhesion indicates the presence of ferrous metal. Such a case is also durable, but inferior to stainless steel in terms of wear resistance.

Review of popular models

Arriving at the store, the buyer is lost in choosing a suitable model of a gas grill. To make this task a little easier, we have compiled a rating of the popularity of devices from different manufacturers.

Weber genesis ii

We'll start our review with the Weber gas grill and look at the new Genesis model. The device is available in two modifications:

  • the budget model Genesis II is endowed with a set of basic functions;
  • multifunctional model Genesis II LX has additional options.

Both types of grills are available with 2,3,4 or 6 burners. The simplest appliances with two and three burners are suitable for a small family. This barbecue grill can be placed on the terrace, in the yard or in a small gazebo. Space is saved by folding side tabletops. An appliance with 4 or 6 burners is designed to cook large quantities of food.


Of the appliances with infrared burners, the CHAR-BROIL Performance Series 2016 T-22G gas grill can be distinguished. The compact model at an affordable price has all the necessary functions for cooking and is equipped with two burners. The body is equipped with two side folding tabletops and transport wheels.

Spirit E-210

Weber's Spirit gas grills can be distinguished from the latest generation models. The Spirit E-210 is equipped with an oven and two folding worktops. A 5 liter gas bottle can be installed in the lower cabinet. The Spirit E-210 gas grill model can be connected to a 12 liter cylinder, but it is installed next to the device.


Of the budget models, the TARRINGTON HOUSE grill is quite popular. It is called 3 in 1 because of its three main burners and one outer burner. The steel body is equipped with a table top and three side hooks.


Having installed a gas appliance in the country, you get a brazier, barbecue and grill without the smoke of burning wood. And if you give preference to a multifunctional appliance with a smokehouse and an oven, the range of prepared dishes will expand.

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