Adler breed of chickens

Adler breed of chickens

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The undeservedly forgotten Adler silver breed of chickens was bred at the Adler poultry farm. Hence the name of the breed - Adler. Breeding work was carried out from 1950 to 1960. In breeding the breed were used: Yurlovskaya vociferous, May Day, White Plymouth Rock, Russian White, New Hampshire. Breeding was not carried out according to the principle of "mix everything up and see what happened." The breeds were joined sequentially. In the intervals between the infusion of a new breed of hybrids, they propagated "in themselves". The task of the breeders was to obtain high-quality meat and high egg production of a new breed of chickens.

Domestic Pervomaiskaya and Russian White became the basic breeds. Later, the blood of the Yurlovskys, White Plymouthrocks and New Hampshire was added to them. The new breed has long been in demand on industrial poultry farms of Soviet collective and state farms. The Adler breed of chickens lost ground only after the appearance of specialized industrial hybrids, moving into the category of chickens for private households.

Breeding scheme for the Adler breed of chickens:

  1. May Day x Moscow White = F1 hybrid;
  2. Breeding hybrids in itself: hybrid F2;
  3. F2 Chicken x New Hampshire Rooster = F3 Hybrid. Chickens were selected with high vitality and egg production;
  4. Breeding of hybrids in itself: hybrid F4 and selection for uniformity and meat early maturity;
  5. F4 chickens x white plymouth rock roosters = F5 hybrid;
  6. Breeding F5 hybrids in itself with selection according to the desired qualities: F6 hybrid;
  7. Further selection of F6 according to the desired qualities and crossing part of F6 chickens with Yurlov roosters to obtain F7 hybrids;
  8. Breeding F7 in itself.

Review of the owner of the Adler silver chickens.

Description and photo of the breed of chickens silver Adler

Adler breed of chickens, photo of a purebred rooster.

Adler silver chickens are one of the best domestic breeds of meat and egg production. The description of the Adler silver breed of chickens indicates that outwardly these birds are similar to the Sussex breed.

Important! Sussexes are often sold under the guise of Adler silver.

The head of the Adler silvers is small with a leaf-like crest of medium size in roosters and rather large in chickens. Lobes are whitish. Faces and earrings are red. The beak is yellow. The eyes are red-orange.

The neck is medium in size, the mane of roosters is poorly developed. The body is medium, placed horizontally. The back and loin are straight. The chest is wide and fleshy. The belly is full. The long wings are so tightly pressed against the body that they are almost invisible. The tail is small, rounded. The roosters' braids are not long. Legs are of medium length. Metatarsus are yellow.

Important! Sussex's legs are white-pink.

This distinguishes the Sussex chickens from the Adler silver breed.

In the photo below, the Adler silver chicken right in the background, on the left, in the background, the white-pink drumstick of the Sussex breed is clearly visible.

Colombian color: with completely white plumage, chickens have necks and tails decorated in black. On the neck, feathers are black with a white border. Black tail feathers on the tail. The outer cover feather is black with a white border. Roosters' braids are black. The reverse side of the flight feathers on the wings is black, but this is not visible when folded.

Photo of an Adler silver rooster with spread wings.

Vices unacceptable for purebred adler women:

  • long braids in the tail:
  • long thin neck;
  • too large a ridge hanging to one side;
  • a long tail;
  • high body delivery.

Sometimes in chickens of the Adler breed, offspring with feathered metatarsus can be born. This is the heritage of the parent breeds. Such chickens are purebred, but are rejected from breeding.

Photo of a chicken Adler silver.

The productive characteristics of the Adler silver chickens are very good for the meat and egg direction. Roosters weigh 3.5 - 4 kg, chickens 3 - 3.5 kg. Egg production of Adler silver laying hens is 170 - 190 eggs per year. Some are capable of laying up to 200 eggs. Compared to commercial egg crosses, Adlerok eggs are considered to be of medium size today, although their weight is 58 - 59 g.

Pros and cons of the breed

According to reviews, Adler silver chickens have a very flexible character and quickly become attached to the owner. They get sick a little and are resistant to adverse weather conditions. Unpretentious to feed and living conditions. The egg production of Adler chickens does not decrease even in the heat, provided there is a shelter from the sun's rays.

To obtain eggs, adlerocks can be kept for 3-4 years, as opposed to industrial crosses. The age when the Adler silver chickens begin to lay is 6 - 6.5 months. This is late for egg breeds in poultry farms, but it is beneficial if the bird can be kept for several years instead of a year.

The disadvantage is the poor incubation instinct, forcing the owners to use the incubator.

Breeding adlerocks

Since the incubation instinct was lost during the formation of the breed, the eggs will have to be incubated. For incubation, it is better to select an egg of medium size, without shell defects. A good solution is to illuminate the egg with an ovoscope.

If the laying hen lays on the asphalt, the egg may crack slightly at the sharp end. Such eggs are not suitable for incubation.

The specimens selected for incubation are preliminarily disinfected. It is believed that you can do without it. But wise farmers say: "You can hatch chickens a couple of times without disinfecting the eggs, but then you have to throw out the incubator."

Incubation occurs similarly to any other chicken breeds. Adler women have high fertility and a 95 percent chick yield. The hatched chicks are all yellow.

The safety of chickens is 98%.

When raising layers, it must be borne in mind that an early hatched chick will mature ahead of time. Spring chicks can start laying eggs as early as 5 months. But such an early egg-laying leads to a reduction in the life of the bird. The optimal time for hatching chicks - future layers: the end of May - June.

Description of the content of Adler silver chickens with a photo

Despite the unpretentiousness of the Adlercs, they need shelter from the weather. Flying well, these birds need perches for psychological comfort. A chicken, if it can, always flies up a tree at night. Of course, at home, adlerks do not need perches with a height of 5 m, but at least it is advisable to put low poles for them. The photo shows such perches in the aviary where the adlerks are kept.

The second option for keeping chicken livestock is outdoor. This option is well suited for farms with a significant number of livestock. When flooring, it is necessary to monitor the humidity level in the chicken coop. All chickens do not tolerate high humidity. Even with low humidity and deep bedding, it is necessary to watch the hens' toes.

These balls block blood flow in the fingers and prevent the claws from developing normally. In advanced cases, the phalanx of the finger may die off. Therefore, the deep bedding must be agitated daily. And check the birds periodically.

Floor keeping of young hens of the Adler Silver breed in the photo.

Adlerks are well suited for keeping in small and medium-sized farms. There, too, outdoor maintenance is more convenient, although adlerks can well exist in cages. Due to their unpretentiousness, these chickens are beneficial specifically for medium-sized farms.

Adler silver breed of chickens. Photo of the farm.

Today Adlerok is bred in the Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, as well as in Azerbaijan. After a period of decline, the number of adlerks began to grow again. If in 1975 there were 110 thousand of them, then today the livestock exceeded 2.5 million. Adlerks are popular throughout the post-Soviet space, due to their docile nature and good productivity.

The diet

As a "Soviet-made" bird, adlerks are not whimsical to feed, but require a high protein content. This type of feeding was the norm in the USSR, where meat and bone meal was even added to herbivorous cattle feed. With a lack of calcium and protein, adlerks lay small (40 g) eggs, which often displeases farmers. You can increase eggs to normal by balancing the diet in minerals, trace elements and protein. Chicks without protein are stunted.

Many people advise adding small boiled fish and porridge in fish broth to the feed for birds. But it must be borne in mind that in this case, the meat of the slaughtered chicken may smell like fish. The solution to the problem can be feeding the birds vitamin and mineral premixes and dairy products.

Adler silver, results.

Reviews of the Adler silver breed of chickens

Boris Gnedovich, hut. Dudukalov

For the sake of experiment, I decided to take myself an adler. I carefully studied the description, photos and reviews of the Adler silver breed of chickens. I found out that instead of Adlerok they can easily slip Sussex, and decided to take already grown chickens so that the color of the hock was clearly visible. The first salesman tried to shove me Sussex. But I also found a conscientious one. What can I say about Adlers. These are really calm birds. And at the same time they fly well. Calmly fly to the roof of the house to cull from there. They rush very well even in winter. You just need to provide them with a long daylight hours.

Ekaterina Samaoilova, Berdyansk

In the description of the Adler breed of chickens, it was said that chickens from cockerels can be distinguished only at six months. When we took the hatching egg, we were prepared for almost half of the chicks to be roosters. So in all chicken breeds. Another disappointment. If an adult rooster weighs up to 4 kg, then it would be logical to expect at least 2.5 kg from a half-year-old chicken, but they have not even grown to two. As a result, we came to the conclusion that although chickens are not bad layers, there is no point in spending six months on feed on roosters. And you can distinguish them only at the age of about six months. Chicks younger than this age are very similar to each other.


The description of the Adler chicken breed on the sites is often very different from reality. This may be due to the loss of the breed purity by the Adlerks, as Sussex chickens are often sold under their guise, and few people look at their paws. And to convince an inexperienced buyer that white paws are normal for a chicken, “then they will turn yellow” is not difficult. Colombian color is also common among other breeds. As a result, negative reviews appear about the shortcomings of Adler silver chickens, and in the photo they are not Adler women at all.

Purebred Adlerki, bought from a conscientious breeder, delight their owners with longevity and fairly large eggs.

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