Hybrid tea rose Pink Intuition (Pink Intuition): photo, reviews

Hybrid tea rose Pink Intuition (Pink Intuition): photo, reviews

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Rose Pink Intuition is a magnificent variety with lush flowers of an original color. It is able to give a truly regal look to any garden and create an enchanting atmosphere in the relaxation corner. The flowering shrub is popular among European flower growers and designers who create landscape compositions in public parks. After all, this rose blooms beautifully throughout the warm season and goes well with other types of ornamental plants.

Breeding history

Rose variety Pink Intuition was bred relatively recently - in 1999 in France. A natural, natural mutation of the Red Intuition rose variety was used as a starting material. The originator is the well-known breeding company Delbar. They introduced the marble novelty in 2003 as a cut variety. The thick double-colored masterpiece quickly won the sympathy of gardeners, and quickly spread throughout Europe. It was patented in 2004, it was not included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation.

Having seen this gentle miracle once, it is difficult to confuse Pink Intuition rose with other varieties.

Description of Pink Intuition hybrid tea rose and characteristics

Rose Pink Intuition belongs to hybrid tea varieties. Repaired, that is, it is capable of blooming twice in one season with a short break. The buds ripen for a long time, gradually gaining the required volume. From the moment the flower bud appears to bloom, it can take from 10 to 20 days. But the flowers keep for an incredibly long time, without losing their magnificent appearance. It can withstand rains, sunlight, and early autumn frosts.

Rose Pink Intuition is a powerful bush, reaching a height of 70-110 cm, and in diameter - from 40 to 70 cm.When planting a rose in your own area, this nuance must be taken into account. Stems are strong, erect, unbranched, with a single flower bud at the top. As with all hybrids, they are large in diameter and strong. The color is green, sometimes with brown streaks. The number of thorns is average.

The foliage is abundant, large in size. Quite dense, dense green and malachite, lacquer-shiny. Young leaves are more delicate, differing in a reddish-brown tint. The shape is oval-elongated, with small denticles along the edge. The tips of the leaves are pointed.

The buds are large, strongly double. Blooming, they resemble a glass in shape, up to 9-13 cm in diameter and about 7-8 cm in height. The petals are large, rounded, bent outward at the ends, forming beautiful ridges. The color is reminiscent of exotic marble - against a creamy pinkish background there are numerous longitudinal veins of carmine, crimson, bright pink. The number of petals reaches 17-45 pieces, they practically do not crumble, remaining in the receptacle until they completely dry out.

The aroma of blossoming buds is very pleasant, sweetish-refreshing, reminiscent of a fruit mix. The core of the flower is sunny yellow, with high stamens. Fully blossoming bud has a spherical, slightly flattened shape, with distinctly curved petals. The flowering period is from early summer to October frosts.

Advice! Since Pink Intuition roses are classified as re-blooming, the buds that begin to fade must be removed. So new flowers ripen and bloom faster.

Pink Intuition is not susceptible to fungal diseases, including spotting and powdery mildew. Can grow in full sun and partial shade. Hardy, in the presence of sufficient snow cover, it winters at the latitude of Moscow without additional shelter. Withstands frosts down to -23, intended for cultivation in 4 climatic zones.

Growing such a large-flowered beauty in your summer cottage is the dream of any housewife who adores roses. The lush bush is almost completely covered with luxurious marble flowers throughout the summer, with a slight interval between the two waves of flowering. The plant fits perfectly into group plantings, combined with other varieties of roses. Looks especially good with juicy greens. Ideal for arranging bouquets. Rose Pink Intuition is shown in the photo.

Rose Pink Intuition is perfect for growing in the Russian climate, withstands temperature extremes and winter frosts with dignity

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Hybrid rose Pink Intuition has its advantages and disadvantages. The pluses include the following:

  • high decorativeness and aesthetic qualities of the variety;
  • undemanding care;
  • the buds do not crumble, they last for a very long time;
  • profuse flowering throughout summer and part of autumn;
  • resistance to frost, temperature extremes, heavy precipitation;
  • good immunity, which makes them immune to diseases typical of roses;
  • the possibility of using in cut form.

Cons of Pink Intuition rose:

  • the presence of thorns that make it difficult to leave;
  • for successful development, a flower requires a well-drained, fertile soil with a pronounced alkaline reaction;
  • the shrub is susceptible to attacks by pests.

Reproduction methods

The large-flowered Pink Intuition rose reproduces well by grafting. Only in this way can all the properties of this luxurious variety be transferred to new plants. The seeds of hybrid roses are not suitable for these purposes.

Algorithm of actions:

  • it is necessary to cut off strong stems, not completely stiff, but not green, the length of the cuttings is 15-25 cm, with 3-4 living buds;
  • cut the bottom at an angle of 45 degrees, the top - strictly horizontally;
  • remove all leaves, thorns - optional;
  • plant the cuttings in a prepared light soil mixture and provide a greenhouse effect with a glass or plastic dome.

After 1.5-2 months, young seedlings can be transplanted to a permanent place of residence.

Mature, strong bushes of Pink Intuition rose can be propagated by division, carefully digging up the mother plant and separating several parts with rhizome and stems. The planting material must be cut, leaving only three lower buds. Cover the cuts with garden pitch.

Important! The Pink Intuition cuttings procedure is best done at the end of the first wave of flowering.

On young bushes of Pink Intuition roses in the first year, it is necessary to pick off the maturing buds so that the plant grows stronger

Growing and care

For planting Pink Intuition roses, a nutritious soil is perfect, consisting of:

  • garden or turf land;
  • peat;
  • humus;
  • sand.

The ratio of parts is 2x1x3x2, the acidity level should be 5.6-7.3 pH. To do this, add slaked lime or dolomite flour to the hole. It is best to plant seedlings in May, in sunny areas or in partial shade, protected from the winds.

Planting requires regular watering in the amount of 20 liters under one adult bush, once a week. Depending on the weather conditions, the schedule can be adjusted: in a rainy summer, watering is not required; in a dry period, the soil will have to be moistened more often.

Top dressing is carried out 2 times a season - in the spring and after the first flowering. Use complex nitrogen fertilizers or mullein solutions. It is best to mulch the trunk circle.

Prune Pink Intuition roses in the fall or early spring, before the buds awaken. For the winter, the bushes are spud, if necessary, they are covered with spruce branches, chopped straw.

Pests and diseases

Rose Pink Intuition has a powerful immune system. With proper agricultural technology, healthy plants are not susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases. In rare cases, too much watering can cause root rot.

Like all roses, Pink Intuition is susceptible to pest attacks. The most dangerous are:

  • aphids, spider mites;
  • copperhead, sawflies and caterpillars.

When insects appear, it is necessary to treat with industrial insecticides or folk remedies, for example, a solution of laundry soap with garlic or infusion of tomato tops.

Advice! Aphids are carried by ants to garden flowers. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of anthills on the site.

Application in landscape design

Large-flowered hybrid roses Pink Intuition belong to highly decorative varieties, and are readily used to decorate territories.

Compact bushes, covered with bright terry large flowers, look great in flower beds or in the center of the lawn. They are planted as a backdrop for low-growing flowers and grasses. Roses frame garden paths, sidewalks, roads, create beautiful compositions next to artificial reservoirs, benches, swings. These upright bushes make wonderful hedges and mazes.

Attention! When using Pink Intuition roses to decorate the garden, it must be remembered that the bushes of this variety grow quite strongly - both in volume and in height.

Rose Pink Intuition amazes with its beauty


Rose Pink Intuition is a luxurious variety of roses bred in France relatively recently. The original color, resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions and diseases led to its popularity in Europe. In Russia, these roses are still little known. But those gardeners who have chosen Pink Intuition seedlings to decorate their estates speak of the variety with constant enthusiasm. Plants perfectly adapt to temperate climates and demonstrate good endurance. They bloom from early summer to mid-autumn.

Reviews of Pink Intuition rose

Sokolova Anna Vladimirovna, 25 years old, Ryazan

I heard about Pink Intuition roses in one TV show. And I got interested, as I am a fan of these gorgeous flowers. Several interesting varieties are already growing on my site, but I have not yet seen such a pink-striped miracle. I bought two seedlings in the nursery, planted them in May, in the ground, next to a small pond. The first two years, the bushes took root. But in the third season, the flowering was magnificent: abundant, with huge, bright flowers, exactly as in the picture - pale pink, with bright crimson strokes. And they bloomed right up to frost, it was a pity to even pick off the last buds. I think I will plant a few more cuttings this year, I really liked these beauties!

Melnikova Lyudmila, 31 years old, Pugachev

I love roses since childhood. As soon as her own garden plot appeared, she immediately began to ennoble it. For decoration, I wanted to plant my favorite flowers. I placed them along the gravel path at a distance of a meter from each other. Four years later, these are powerful, wonderful roses, which are literally strewn with original striped flowers every year.

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