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Is it possible to plant seedlings of flowers on flower beds (Ural)

It seems that the weather settled down in our Urals. It’s hot during the day, but still cold at night. Is it possible to plant seedlings of flowers (petunias, fragrant tobacco, cloves, Leucanthemum, salvia, asters, zinnias, marigolds, etc.) on flower beds? What do you think? Or too early?


I think it’s too early to bird cherry blossom and then usually plant

Chelyabinsk. We landed a petunia 2 weeks ago in OG. Standing alive

Fatima, take your time, of course, if there is an opportunity to cover, if it is freezing, it’s too early.

Too early)

Anything happens, wait, there are still Cheremukhov cold weather ahead

Until I land. Yekaterinburg

Chelyabinsk. I wait, at a low start, but the forecast for the week ahead is alarming.

In the greenhouse I’m even afraid to dive Perm

It will be too early, even frost promise

It's cold, in the morning two degrees in all, a strong dew on the grass

And we have cherry blossoms in full swing, how then? To plant flowers, corn, beans?