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How to dive cucumbers without harming them

Please tell me how to dive cucumbers correctly without harming them?


Cucumbers do not like picking, initially plant each seed separately, to

neatly without destroying the earthen lump!

Last year, the second batch was sown in hot sawdust in a fashionable way now! Transplanted into the ground without any problems, just raking up the sawdust! Strong roots, without tiny tearing strings, immediately went to growth, were not sick!

but you can share more details, interested!

We plant in peat pots, put straight in these pots in the ground with sticks, it’s very convenient and you don’t need to transplant anything, 1 seed per pot

there is a detailed video of planting seedlings of cucumbers in hot sawdust. Link is not allowed here!

such a mess with these pots, I’m lying around, throw-it is a pity, it’s better to use the most overloaded container, they require too much attention!

I don’t know, in my opinion it doesn’t require any pickle, and you need to water it just like everything else, and plant it in these same pots.

the earth in them instantly dries up, you will not leave without attention! Of course, if the seedlings are a little bit, then you can breathe over it!) And just for the dive, it is no worse than the seedlings in diapers or in cups without a bottom from the substrate for the laminate - you just add water, as needed, to the container where they are and everything! Yesterday planted seedlings, she did not even notice the changes)

It’s like someone, the taste and color as they say.