Tomato Katya: reviews, photos, yield

Gardeners who are involved in crops such as tomatoes are committed to growing a rich harvest. In addition, the timing of ripening is also important. After all, early tomatoes are especially beneficial for those who sell vegetables. This means that you need to select the appropriate varieties that meet all the requirements.

Tomato Katya has been in the lead for a long time. The crop is intended for outdoor cultivation, but is also suitable for polycarbonate and film greenhouses. The characteristic, description of the variety and photos will be presented in the article for greater persuasiveness in the uniqueness of the Katya F1 hybrid.

Variety history

The tomato variety Katya F1 is the brainchild of Russian breeders. The hybrid was obtained relatively recently, about ten years ago. Authors - Yu.B. Alekseev and S. V. Balabanyuk, Semko-Junior is considered to be the originator. Despite its youth, the variety has already become popular among Russians.

Katya - grade 1. The letter F (filli) in translation from Italian means "children", and the number 1 indicates which generation the tomatoes belong to. As a result, it turns out that Katya's tomato belongs to the first generation hybrids.

Katya's tomatoes were included in the State Register for the Russian Federation, zoning took place in the North Caucasus. The variety is recommended for cultivation throughout Russia, both in open and protected ground.

Attention! You won't be able to get Katya's tomato seeds on your own, you will have to buy it annually.

Description of the hybrid

The Katya variety is determinate, tall, grows up to half a meter. Slightly higher when grown in a greenhouse, about 1m 30 cm. The plant has a lot of dark green leaves.

Typically, tomatoes are formed into 1, 2 or 3 stems. During the growing season, they must tie up the bushes and stepchildren.

The inflorescences on the tomato are simple, several of them are formed. The first flower cluster is formed above 5 or 6 true leaves. As a rule, from 5 to 8 fruits are tied on each hand. Each of them weighs 100-130 grams.

Fruits are medium, round, slightly flattened, dense, firm with juicy pulp. In technical ripeness, Katya F1 tomatoes are red, the coloring is uniform over the entire surface, without a green speck at the stalk.

The fruits are tasty, sugary with a barely noticeable sourness, do not crack during ripening. The sugar content is about 2.9%, and the dry matter is 4.8%.

The variety is considered ultra-early, since the first ripe fruits can be harvested 80 days after sowing the seeds.

Characteristics of the variety

The tomato variety Katya is deservedly of interest among summer residents. Let's see what is the reason for the popularity:

  1. The plant is unpretentious, can be planted both in open and protected ground. Weather conditions practically do not affect the yield.
  2. From year to year, the harvest is stable, in the greenhouse 12-14 kg per square meter, in the open field - from 8 to 10 kg. The yield of Katya's tomato is confirmed by reviews and photos.

    Ripening of tomatoes is amicable, almost at the same time.
  3. The commercial qualities are excellent, tomatoes can be transported over long distances, while more than 90% of the fruits are preserved. Tomatoes are harvested for transportation in blanche ripeness.
  4. The keeping quality of tomatoes is high, tomatoes of the Katya variety plucked in a green form, according to gardeners, are well ripened, while they do not wither, do not lose their taste.
  5. Tomatoes of this variety are resistant to many diseases of nightshade crops due to their good immunity. They practically do not suffer from apical rot, tobacco mosaic, alternaria. If we talk about late blight, then the harvest is harvested before the onset of the disease. Since there are no phyto-diseases, there is no need to treat the Katya and Rozovaya Katya varieties with chemicals. Consequently, the products are environmentally friendly, which is highly appreciated by consumers.
  6. The Katya variety, like its other variety, the Pink Katya tomato, has a universal purpose: they are suitable for fresh consumption, for making salads and preserving. Ripe fruits produce excellent tomato juice and pasta.

But no matter how good Katya's tomatoes are in description and characteristics, we will not be silent about some negative aspects, especially since gardeners often write about them in reviews:

  1. The most important drawback, perhaps, is the fragility of the shoots. Fragile branches are not able to support the weight of ripening fruits, so they must be constantly tied to a strong support.
  2. Plants are demanding to feed, their lack leads to a decrease in yield.
  3. Many gardeners in the reviews point to the high cost of seeds of the Katya F1 variety.

Growing and care

Tomatoes Katya F1 and Pink Katya are grown through seedlings. According to the description and characteristics of the varieties, ripening occurs in the interval of 85-90 days.

Attention! When sowing seeds at the end of March, the harvest begins at the end of June.


Stages of growing tomato seedlings:

  1. To obtain healthy seedlings of Katya tomatoes, the seeds are disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide, then washed and soaked in a damp cloth. When the first thin white threads appear, they are laid in the soil to a depth of 1-2 centimeters.
  2. Soil for sowing seeds of the selected variety can be made up yourself or you can use a store. Fertile soil and a box before planting are treated with boiling water with potassium permanganate. Cover with foil on top to make steaming more efficient.
  3. Sowing seeds of Katya tomatoes begins when the soil has cooled to room temperature. In order not to damage the sprout, take the seed with tweezers. The plantings are sprayed from a spray bottle and the box is covered with foil. They put it on a sunny and warm window and wait for the seeds to peck.
  4. As soon as the first hook appears, the film is removed and the temperature is lowered to 16 degrees so that the tomato seedlings do not stretch. It is convenient to grow tomato seedlings in a snail, see the photo.
  5. A pick is carried out when 2-3 true leaves appear in separate containers.

After transplanting seedlings, the plants require special care. For experienced gardeners, it is not difficult to grow strong, stocky seedlings of the Katya variety, so the given agrotechnical standards will be useful for beginners:

  1. Tomatoes are watered with moderately warm water, you also need to make sure that there is no stagnation of water in the containers.
  2. When growing seedlings, it is advisable to feed them with a solution of wood ash.
  3. If there is not enough light on the window (tomatoes begin to stretch), you need to make a backlight.
  4. Before planting tomato varieties Katya or Pink Katya F1, the seedlings need to be hardened. 10-12 days before planting in the ground or greenhouse, the plants must be taken outside. In a city apartment, you can use a balcony or loggia by opening the windows.

Warning! It is advisable to avoid drafts when hardening the Katya hybrid.


  1. It is necessary to plant acclimatized seedlings in open ground when the threat of frost disappears and the average daily temperature is established within + 10-12 degrees. To the greenhouse a little earlier. We cannot name the exact dates of planting, since the Katya variety is recommended for cultivation in all regions of Russia. It all depends on the climatic conditions of the territories and the characteristics of a particular spring.
  2. The beds are prepared in advance, the soil is dug up, spilled, fertilized as needed. 4 plants are planted on one square meter.

Planting care

  1. Watering tomatoes is carried out as needed. Each time after it, the surface must be loosened. To retain moisture, tomatoes are mulched. Watered only with warm water under the root: water should not get on the leaves and fruits.
  2. Variety Katya needs to be pinned and tied up. As a rule, they are formed into two stems: the second will be the stepson who appeared earlier than the others. In addition to the stepchildren, you need to remove the leaves as the tomatoes grow, starting from the bottom.
  3. Tying is another important and necessary procedure. As already mentioned in the description, the stems of the variety are fragile, they cannot withstand heavy brushes. After planting, a strong peg or thick twine (if in a greenhouse) is twisted next to the bush. As they grow, shoots with brushes are tied.
  4. The Katya F1 variety is fed, in the same way as ordinary tomato varieties.
  5. When growing in a greenhouse, you need to make mandatory ventilation as a rule. Indeed, at high humidity and temperatures above +30 degrees, pollen does not crack, fertilization does not occur.

Advice! Experienced gardeners shake flowering tomatoes in the morning for better pollination.

Formation of tomato bushes in the open field:


Maxim, 29 years old, Novosibirsk region

I caught sight of a bag of Katya seeds. I read the description and liked it. I decided to buy, although it was not cheap. When the fruits began to ripen, I realized that I was not mistaken with the choice. I grow tomatoes under a temporary film cover in the spring. Tomato set is excellent, each cluster has 7-8 tomatoes. The fruits are large and sweet. For the whole season I have never processed it. If I find seeds, I'll plant them again.

Olga, 59 years old, Alexandrov

I have been growing tomatoes Pink Katya F1 since 2014. Some of the bushes are outside, some are in the greenhouse. All the years the harvest is excellent. The fruits are even, smooth, without damage. We remove the first tomatoes after June 20 in the open field, and in the greenhouse on June 15. It's a pity that you can't get your seeds from hybrids.

Lilia, 35 years old, Kemerovo region

Once I bought the seeds of the Katya variety. I planted it and was pleasantly surprised by the harvest. She grew tomatoes in a greenhouse with an area of ​​four square meters. Believe it or not, I have collected 17 ten-liter buckets of beautiful and tasty tomatoes. I water it with mullein infusion and green fertilizers (insisted on the grass). I will never refuse and I advise everyone to grow the Katya F1 tomato variety in my beds.


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