Aphids on a peach: control measures

Every gardener wants to see his garden healthy and fruitful. But often insect pests affect fruit crops. Aphids on peaches are a common pest that quickly spreads to neighboring fruit crops without timely treatment.

Why is the peach aphid dangerous?

Aphids are small insects that live in families. Aphids on a peach can be of several types:

  • large peach;
  • green;
  • blood;
  • black.

Before starting the fight against a pest, you need to know what the insect looks like and what are the first signs of the disease.

The large peach aphid is a common pest that primarily affects peaches. The peak of the disease occurs in July-August. At this time, insects form numerous colonies that can be seen with the naked eye. Insects are located on the inner side of the leaf plate, secrete sugary excrement, which, flowing down to the soil, attracts wasps and ants. Without treatment, the large peach aphid can produce 8 to 10 generations. Eggs laid in autumn overwinter in the bark of stem branches.

The green aphid is the main distributor of viruses Y, A, L, M and S. The insect inflicts the greatest harm on young seedlings, sucking out the juice, which leads to the drying out and death of the plant. Damaged shoots freeze out in the cold, fungal diseases settle on the secretions, weakened peaches are attacked by carpenter beetles.

The blood aphid on the peach is a dangerous insect that sucks the sap from the tree. The pest can be recognized by the mass accumulation on the inside of the leaf. Aphids have a dense fluff; when crushed, they release a red liquid, similar to blood. If the timely destruction of the bloody aphid is not carried out, then the peach is deformed, ulcers appear on the shoots, and fruiting decreases.

Black aphids settle on the inside of the leaf plate. It can often be seen on young, weakened seedlings. When massively spread, a sticky liquid appears on the buds and flowers of the peach, which is secreted by the insect. The top of the shoot and foliage curl, the buds do not open, the fruiting decreases. Black aphids provoke the development of a sooty fungus and powdery mildew.

Green aphids cause great damage to a young, weakened seedling. When infected, twisting and lightening of the leaves at the top of the shoots occurs, the tree begins to throw off the peduncles and the formed buds.

The large peach aphid sucks out all the nutrients from the bark and shoots, resulting in redness, curling and premature leaf fall.

Black aphids overwinter in peach bark and attack young foliage and buds with the arrival of warm days. Since the black aphid colony consists mainly of a female, it is very difficult to get rid of it due to the regular appearance of offspring.

To recognize the peach aphid, you need to view the photos of the infected trees:

Signs of aphids on peaches

Before starting treatment, it is necessary to identify the pest. Aphids on a peach can be recognized by the following:

  • the insect colony accumulates on the inside of the leaf;
  • buds, leaves and flowers are covered with a mucous liquid;
  • the process of dying off the top of the shoot begins;
  • pests feed on plant sap, which leads to curling, drying and death of foliage;
  • the plant stops growing and developing;
  • fruiting decreases or does not occur at all.

Advice! If a peach is struck by aphids, you must immediately start treatment. The infected plant stops growing and develops, often begins to hurt, and the yield decreases.

Peach aphid control measures

To protect the peach tree from aphids, it must be processed several times per season:

  • the first treatment is carried out before swelling of the kidneys;
  • repeated - during the appearance of foliage;
  • further - during flowering.

It is necessary to get rid of aphids on peaches at the initial stage of the disease, so as not to give pests a chance to multiply. There are several ways to get rid of peach aphids: mechanical, chemical and folk remedies.

The chemical method must be applied very carefully so as not to destroy the young tree together with insects. In the summer, during the formation and filling of fruits, it is better to use mechanical and folk methods of treatment.

Agrotechnical methods of controlling aphids on peach

When a black aphid appears on a tree trunk, you do not need to immediately apply chemicals. As this can harm the plant and cause damage to the crop.

Experienced gardeners recommend using one of the mechanical methods of dealing with a pest insect:

  1. Washing off aphids with water. Initially, the near-trunk circle is cleaned of weeds, the trunk and trunk branches are cleaned. Further, a powerful stream of water is directed to the crown of the tree, thereby washing away numerous insects.
  2. Planting fragrant plants in the near-stem circle. Peach aphids do not tolerate strong odors. Fragrant herbs will not only get rid of insect pests, but will also be an excellent prevention of many diseases. Mint, calendula and marigolds can be planted around the peach tree. The planted dill will attract ladybirds, who will happily exterminate the tree from aphids and other insects.
  3. In case of mass infection, it is necessary to remove and burn the affected leaves in a timely manner.
  4. You can protect the tree from insects with a resinous belt.
  5. A month before the onset of frost, the trunk circle is sprinkled with wood ash and spilled with hot water. Dissolved ash, penetrating to the root system, oxidizes and repels peach aphids. Also, hot water destroys insects that hibernate in the soil and in the bark of the tree.

If the mechanical method does not give the expected result, you can use the chemical method. But it must be remembered that chemical preparations cannot be used during the fruiting period.

How to deal with aphids on peaches with chemicals

Chemicals can be used in the spring before bud break, during flowering and one month before harvest. Insecticides are used to combat. The chemical, penetrating the peach tissue, paralyzes the pests, after which they die en masse.

Important! Insecticides must be used strictly according to the instructions. With proper processing, an improvement in the condition of the tree can be observed after a week.

You can fight blood and other aphids on a peach tree with the following drugs:

  • Karbofos;
  • Aktara;
  • Confidor;
  • Bottom;
  • Topaz;
  • Topsin.

How to get rid of aphids on a peach with folk remedies

Most gardeners get rid of peach aphids using folk methods. This method does not harm the plant, does not require additional costs, it can be used even during the formation and ripening of fruits.

Homemade recipes for getting rid of black aphids on a peach are used not only by experienced gardeners, but also by amateurs:

  1. Onion broth with laundry soap. The collected husk is poured with water at a rate of 1: 5 and boiled for 20 minutes. Then the infusion is closed with a lid and left to infuse for 3-5 days. Before use, grated laundry soap is added to the strained infusion. Spraying the crown is carried out with a clean, undiluted infusion.
  2. Garlic infusion. Grind 300 g of garlic and pour 1 liter of water. Leave for 24 hours to infuse. Then add ½ a piece of crushed laundry soap. The resulting infusion is diluted with 5 liters of water and begins to process the plant.
  3. Spicy mixture. To prepare a healing medicine, you will need in equal parts: cinnamon, pepper, mustard, salt, soda, wood ash. The prepared ingredients are poured with water, grated laundry or liquid soap is added and everything is thoroughly mixed. The resulting solution is diluted in a bucket of water and begins to process the peach. Spraying is carried out three times with an interval of 7 days.
  4. Tobacco infusion. Dissolve 250 g of tobacco in a bucket of water and leave to infuse for 3 days. A soapy solution is added to the finished solution and the treatment of the infected tree is started.
  5. Ammonia. In a bucket of water, bred 2 tbsp. l. ammonia and add 1 tbsp. washing powder. Mix everything thoroughly. Wood processing is carried out twice with an interval of 7 days.
  6. Infusion of citrus peels. Citrus peels are added to water and left to infuse for 3 days. The infected tree is treated with a filtered solution in the morning or evening hours.

Attention! In order not to have to apply the fight against peach aphids, it is necessary to prevent its appearance in a timely manner. For this, preventive measures are taken to protect the tree.

A set of preventive measures

To protect the tree and the crop from the attack of aphids, it is necessary to carry out prevention in a timely manner:

  1. In autumn, clear the trunk circle of foliage, weeds and plant debris.
  2. Dig up the earth carefully.
  3. In the spring, before sap flow and in the fall after leaf fall, treat the tree with Bordeaux liquid.
  4. A month before the onset of frost, whitewash the trunk. Before whitewashing, clean the trunk of lichen and moss with a wire brush or a wooden scraper. Treat the damaged bark with iron vitriol and cover with garden pitch.
  5. Perform sanitary pruning in a timely manner.


Aphids on peaches are a serious problem that must be dealt with in a timely manner. Regardless of the method used, it must be carried out carefully and in accordance with all the rules. Only in this case can you get a good harvest of tasty and juicy fruits.

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