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Thorny plants / Cacti ...

Thorny plants / Cacti ...

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We all have long known plants like cacti. But how much do we know about them? What is the best habitat for this species. Where in what land how to plant. Care and watering time. Where historically the first species originated in which countries. There are poisonous cacti, there are cacti that bloom every 5-10 years. Life time and more.


At home, cacti grow in super-light soil consisting of crushed rocks. And in our country, for the most part, the soil consists practically of one humus, sometimes with admixtures of solid particles, but there are very few of them. So cacti in their homeland grow almost in “stones”, and in our country plants grow in the ground. If you plant a cactus in our “ordinary” land, it will begin to grow incredibly fast and sooner or later (sooner rather than sooner) die from excess nitrogen and increased soil fertility, in other words, it will inflate and burst. Cacti are plants that are adapted to live in scarce conditions - scarce both for food (minimal soil fertility) and for rains. Suitable soil for growing cacti consists of 80 - 90% of solid particles - pebbles, coarse sand, small pebbles. The share of the “earth” itself is insignificant. The land will have to be mined by ourselves or bought in the store ready-made soil for cacti. You can water in 5-10 days a little, just to moisten the lump. Until spring, watering 1 time per month, one and a half, cool. Starting from the end of March, watering should be gradually increased and at the same time accustomed to the spring sun. It is also possible to add liquid fertilizers to water for irrigation, it is advisable to use water with fertilizers once in two irrigations with plain water. Water for irrigation should be slightly acidic. In the summer, water your cacti not according to a specific schedule, but depending on weather conditions. With the advent of autumn cooling, watering should be reduced and generally stopped somewhere in the middle of October, subject to good, warm weather. But if it is cold on the street already at the end of September, then it is then that we must stop watering the cacti. At this time, they need to give a little rest from their summer growth and prepare for wintering. Cacti should winter in dry pots, the soil should be completely dry! You can not water them before wintering. Sprayed best with distilled or very soft water.

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