Salad mother-in-law's tongue of cucumbers for the winter

Salad mother-in-law's tongue of cucumbers for the winter

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There are many vegetable snacks and preparations called mother-in-law's tongue and they are always popular among the male population, partly because of the name, partly due to the sharp taste that they differ in. Mother-in-law's tongue from cucumbers is no exception - in its classic version, this rather spicy appetizer is ideal for fried and stewed meat dishes. But since the predominantly female part of the population is engaged in the preparation of preparations for the winter, they are trying to somehow diversify the classic recipe, to make it a little softer, more tender. And they succeed quite well, by reducing the content of hot peppers and introducing additional ingredients. Further, the article will consider several recipes for the mother-in-law's tongue from cucumbers, both in the classic and in the improved version.

Cooking features

Before proceeding to consider directly the recipes for mother-in-law's tongue from cucumbers, you need to learn some secrets of cooking this dish.

  1. Young medium-sized cucumbers are best suited for the "Mother-in-law's tongue" salad. They do not need to be peeled, but only cut into thin slices across and slightly at an angle. If you have to use overgrown cucumbers for cooking a snack, then it is better to peel them and, by cutting lengthwise, remove the largest seeds. Next, they are cut into thin slices along the cucumber.
  2. For slicing instead of a knife, it is convenient to use a vegetable peeler or grater, which has a special hole for shredding into thin slices.
  3. Before using cucumbers for salad, it is advisable to soak them for one hour in cold water. In this case, they will remain strong, and it will be much easier to wash them.
  4. Despite the pungency of the appetizer, all the products for it must be initially fresh, only in this case the salad "mother-in-law's tongue" will have an exquisite taste and can be stored for a long time.
  5. When making lettuce for the winter, it is advisable to use medium-sized cans for curling: from half-liter to liter.
  6. Before starting the preparation of the salad, it is advisable to rub the cucumbers with salt, and it is even more convenient to dip them in a saline solution. This allows them to get rid of excess liquid and soak in the seasoning. To prepare a solution in one liter of water, dissolve three tablespoons of herbal salt and place the cucumbers there for no more than 10 minutes. After the procedure, the cucumbers are washed under running water and sliced.

Classic recipe

Salad "mother-in-law's tongue" from cucumbers is one of the easiest to prepare vegetable snacks for the winter, which any housewife can handle.

First, you need to find and rinse the following vegetables well:

  • Cucumbers - 3 kg;
  • Juicy and ripe tomatoes - 1.8 kg;
  • Sweet bell pepper of any color - 0.5 kg;
  • Hot peppers of any color - 1-2 pieces;
  • Garlic - 0.1 kg.

Of the auxiliary components you will need:

  • Vegetable oil - 200-250 ml;
  • Table or wine vinegar - 125 ml;
  • Granulated sugar and salt to taste.

First, clean all the vegetables from all excess: peels, seeds, tails. Cucumbers, as you already understood, are cut into thin slices.

Cut all other vegetables into slices of any size and rotate them through a meat grinder.

Attention! The tomatoes are scrolled first, placed in a heavy-bottomed saucepan and immediately put on the fire.

While the tomato mixture is brought to a boil, sweet and hot peppers and garlic are rolled through a meat grinder.

After the tomatoes have boiled for 5-10 minutes, sweet and hot peppers, garlic, cucumbers, butter, sugar and salt are added to the pan. Everything mixes well and the future salad is first brought to a boil over low heat, and then boiled for about 20 minutes.

At the very end, vinegar is added to the pan and after a couple of minutes the heat under the pan turns off.

You can use the time the salad is boiling over the fire to sterilize the jars and lids if you plan to use it as a winter preparation.

Important! Hot salad "mother-in-law's tongue" of cucumbers is laid out in jars, closed with lids, and the jars are immediately turned over for additional sterilization.

Recipe with tomato paste and carrots

Among many salads for the winter, this recipe stands out at the same time for its piquant taste and original appearance. The result is an excellent appetizer that can also be used as a sauce for potatoes and spaghetti, and for dressing first courses.

This version of the mother-in-law's tongue made from cucumbers for the winter is a bit like lecho, probably due to the slicing of bell peppers.

So, the foods that need to be prepared are as follows:

  • Cucumbers - 3 kg;
  • Tomato paste - 500 ml;
  • Sweet pepper - 0.5 kg;
  • Carrots - 0.5 kg;
  • Garlic - 0.1 kg;
  • Hot pepper - 1 pod;
  • Refined oil - 200 ml;
  • Granulated sugar - 0.2 kg;
  • Salt - 60 g;
  • Wine or table vinegar - 200 ml.

Rinse the vegetables well, dry them and cut off all excess.

Cut the cucumbers into thin slices. Grate carrots. Chop sweet peppers into thin strips. Chop hot peppers and garlic through a meat grinder or in a blender.

Advice! If you don't feel like messing with kitchen utensils, you can simply chop them finely with a knife.

Take a large saucepan with a thick bottom, pour tomato paste into it, which is diluted in half a liter of water. Then put chopped bell peppers, carrots, hot peppers, garlic, oil, salt and sugar in the same place. Mix everything well and add cucumbers on top.

After another gentle stirring, leave without heat for two hours.

When the time is up, place the salad over medium heat, bring to a boil and continue cooking for about 30 minutes. Add vinegar for the last few minutes and stir.

Spread the ready-made salad "mother-in-law's tongue" with cucumbers in sterilized jars and twirl right there.

You can store it anywhere, the main thing is that the sun's rays do not get there.

The taste of such a cucumber snack turns out to be very rich, and carrots and bell peppers will give it a slight sweetness, which will go well with the overall pungency.

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