Boletus beautiful-legged: description and photo

Boletus beautiful-legged: description and photo

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Boletus boletus (lat.Caloboletus calopus or Boletus calopus), also beautiful or inedible boletus is a fairly common mushroom, which is distinguished by a bright color of the leg. As the name of the species suggests, fruit bodies cannot be eaten.

What beautiful leg pains look like

The cap of the beautiful-legged painter can grow up to 6-14 cm in diameter, while in appearance it is completely inconspicuous, which contrasts strongly with the bright leg of the mushroom. Its color ranges from grayish olive to light brown. The hat is smooth to the touch, but matte and dry. In young specimens, it has the shape of a hemisphere, however, in mature pains it opens and becomes convex. The edges of the cap turn downward as the fruiting body grows.

The hymenophore of the painter's leg is light yellow at the first stage of development, then it acquires an ocher color.

On cut, this species turns blue within 5-8 minutes.

The spores of the fungus are brownish-olive.

The leg of the bolt is shaped like a barrel in young mushrooms. At the next stage of development, it becomes clavate, and in mature specimens it acquires a cylindrical appearance. The height of the leg is on average 5-15 cm, the diameter is 2-5 cm. Under the head itself, it is whitish-yellow, but this color quickly turns into a rich red. In mature pains, the leg is brownish in the lower part.

Important! One of the distinguishing features of the beautiful leg pain is the presence of a small whitish or light yellow mesh that covers almost the entire leg.

The pulp of the fruit bodies is quite dense, even hard. It is painted in cream shades and does not have a pronounced odor.

Where beautiful-leg pains grow

The distribution area of ​​the beautiful-legged bole includes the coniferous forests of the mountainous regions. Most often, small groups of mushrooms can be found near spruce trees. Singles are rarely found in deciduous and mixed forests.

The preferred type of soil is sandy with a high level of acidity. On the territory of Russia, the beautiful-legged sore grows in the southern latitudes.

Important! The fruiting period is July-October. In warmer years, it lasts until November.

Is it possible to eat beautiful leg pains

Boletus boletus is an inedible mushroom, however, the reasons for this definition can vary greatly in the reference literature. Some authors note that its pulp does not contain toxic substances, but it cannot be eaten because of its strong bitterness. The sharp unpleasant aftertaste does not disappear even after 10 hours of soaking or frying.

In other sources, it is argued that the beautiful leg is sick is poisonous. Toxic components in its pulp can cause severe intestinal upset, cramps and even loss of consciousness. After a while, the victim begins to cirrhosis of the liver.

Sometimes there are white streaks on the lower part of the leg (near the ground)

Important! The boletus boletus is similar to the satanic boletus - a very poisonous mushroom.

Even a small piece of this species can be fatal

They are distinguished mainly by disputes - in the satanic mushroom, they are of a deep red color.

Poisoning symptoms

The first signs of poisoning begin to appear within 2-3 hours after eating the fruit bodies. The characteristic symptoms include the following changes:

  • causeless weakness, trembling hands;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • diarrhea (sometimes bloody);
  • Strong headache;
  • convulsions;
  • muscle pain.

If a large amount of toxic substances have entered the body, this can lead to loss of consciousness.

Important! Another symptom of poisoning with beautiful leg pain appears after 1-2 weeks - by this time, toxins that have entered the human body begin to destroy liver cells. If first aid is not provided on time, poisoning can lead to cirrhosis.

First aid for poisoning

Before the arrival of doctors, first aid is provided through gastric lavage. For these purposes, 2-3 tablets of activated carbon or a small amount of Enterosgel are used, the dosage of which is calculated taking into account the weight of the person.

It is also necessary to artificially induce vomiting in the victim - for this he is given a glass of soda solution diluted in a proportion of 1 tsp. for 0.5 liters of water.


Despite its attractive appearance, it is impossible to collect a beautiful-legged sore - the mushroom is one of the inedible and even poisonous, according to some sources. The opinion about the toxicity of this pain differs from different authors, however, everyone notes the strong bitterness in the pulp of the fruit bodies. It is impossible to get rid of it even after prolonged soaking and heat treatment.

The danger of pain in the beautiful-legged is also that an inexperienced mushroom picker can confuse some edible varieties with it. At the slightest suspicion that the find is a poisonous mushroom, it should be left alone.

In addition, you can find out how a beautiful-legged one looks like in the video below:

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