Choose water tanks in the country

Water tanks are needed at each summer cottage, regardless of what your consumption and whether there is a water supply in the territory. There are many types of tanks that differ in purpose, shape and material from which they are made.

There are many reasons to buy such a product., and the first one is uninterrupted water supply for home ownership. Shutdown due to repairs, for non-payments, due to freezing of pipes ... and then what to do in the winter, when many cooperative dachas have no water supply strictly from October to May?

Tank volume

If you have a small flow of water, then a tank of 100, 200, 1000 l will be enough for you. But if there is no water supply in the country or it is often turned off, then more capacity will be needed. It all depends on the requirements for the amount of liquid, your personal opinion and budget, because today such tanks can be very expensive.

Choose a tank in shape

Depending on the destination and installation location, water containers can be very diverse.

Rectangular containers are very popular, because they can be installed without problems on the street or in a room where such a tank can occupy any free angle. Products are presented on the market in a huge number of species, but they do not differ in low price, that is, because of the huge demand, their cost is stable. These tanks are used not only for collecting and storing drinking water, but also for showers, irrigation stations, spray mixtures, for collecting technical and rain water, and so on.

Round containers are no less popular, and therefore you will definitely find them at the point of sale, where you will choose a tank for a summer residence. In terms of practicality, manufacturing materials, ease of use and purpose of use, there are no differences from cubic tanks or tanks of a rectangular shape.

Material classification

There are many opinions about the material for making containers, and many summer residents have long chosen priorities for themselves.

Stainless capacity

The standard option, which can be made in the form of a can, barrel, tank, rectangular tank for the intake or delivery of water. Stainless steel is used specifically for drinking, but sometimes for industrial water. Stainless steel tanks are quite expensive and more often specialized than just storage.

Plastic Products

Previously, you could say for sure that this is a budget option compared to stainless steel tanks, but today the price tag for such tanks has grown so much that it’s not very cheap to buy them. As for practicality, there are no problems with the installation of plastic products, they are somewhat smaller in weight, they can easily cope with the storage of drinking and technical water, and they are also suitable for other liquids. On the market you can find options of any shape, color, shape and purpose.

Capacities are metal

Most often they are made of iron or steel of low quality in order to reduce the cost of the product. But the use of cheaper materials does not mean a sharp change in quality for the worse. Metal tanks are used for ground and underground storage, processing, heating and cooling of liquids, as well as for other purposes. To order, products can be made in any form, retrofitted with shutoff valves, covers, valves, temperature sensors, etc.

Intended classification

Usually, the location and installation option is determined precisely by the purpose of the water.

Fluid capacity

The tank can be installed in any part of the summer cottage where water supply is most often needed. This can be a special container for drinking water, which is located near the house, or a container for liquid, which is used for watering, washing a car, washing and cleaning, etc.

Rainwater tank

A more specialized product that does not have to be of too high quality. Similar products are installed near houses or other summer cottages, where the gutter roof system collects rainwater and sends it through the gutters to a special compartment or a whole tank. The purpose of water in this case is the most diverse - washing, watering ornamental plants, and so on.

Storage capacity

It can be iron, steel, plastic and other tanks that are installed near greenhouses. The purpose is clear to everyone, because if drip irrigation or ordinary irrigation does not work for certain reasons, the plants will not need to wait for the system to be repaired or the water supply to resume, because irrigation can always be organized from just such a storage facility.

Installation of the product in the country

You can use products of various configurations and technical data, but before buying, you must understand where the tank will be installed. The place is chosen according to the usability of the reservoir.

At the moment, several options are offered - ground tanks, overhead tanks, underground tanks, as well as installed on special platforms, towers and so on.

What is necessary for the purchase and installation of the structure

By and large, it is you who determine it, because when you purchase a tank, you yourself choose the amenities.

You can buy a used container, say 1000 l, install it near the house and just take the liquid from there with a bucket or drain it using a tap installed at the bottom of the container.

But there is always an option to make obtaining water more convenient. For example, install a tank in a garage or even in an attic, arrange for water intake from a tank or its independent drain (which is cheaper), equip the direction of fluid flow, arrange an inexpensive water supply, and so on.

As you know, in the choice of material and shape of the product, as well as in the selection of its color, there are no difficulties, you only need to determine the purpose of the water and choose a container for it.

How to install a water tank in the country

Think about purchasing, installing and filling the tank on timeso that the life-giving moisture in your country house never disappears. Collect water from the tap, bring it to order, collect rainwater, but be sure to provide the cottage with life-giving moisture, because this is exactly what is needed here the most.