Winter garden work

Winter garden work

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During the winter months, activity outside the country house decreases, and it is time to prepare for the many winter holidays. But for real gardeners even in this period there is enough work in the garden, especially if the weather allows.

Flowers in the winter garden

So, what kind of garden work awaits completion? If you have roses, hydrangeas or other flowers planted in your garden, then you must have arranged winter shelter for them. And after severe weather it will be very reasonable to check the condition of these shelters and to correct them if necessary.

Clean and cut plants

Taking advantage of a clear winter day, in the absence of snow cover, why not take care of harvesting fallen leaves, pruning perennial plants and eliminating overgrown plants.

If the temperature is still in the plus part of the thermometer, and the earth has not had time to freeze, then nothing prevents the planned transplants and planting, as well as tree cuttings. In warmer regions, stone fruit trees and fruit and berry shrubs (currants, raspberries, blackberries, etc.) are cut in winter. Also in the winter months, it is quite possible to trim and decorative species of trees and shrubs. Although there are exceptions.

It is better not to touch the lilac, mock-up, forsythia, since their flowering occurs on last year's shoots in the spring or early summer. Such rocks are pruned after they bloom.

Harvesting and sowing seeds

In winter, plants are sown (calendula, lavender, poppy), which need cold for normal germination. Moreover, such annuals are usually sown in the fall, but in winter it is still possible if the soil is not frostbitten.

In warm areas, parsnip, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage and other winter crops are still being harvested.

Repair work in the winter garden

In winter, it can be easier to find time to check the condition of garden benches, tables, to fix a fence, flowerbed or rockery if necessary. A useful measure would be to repair broken garden tools so that they are fully equipped for spring work. Or maybe the gutters and gutters need to be cleaned?

Warm winter is not a bad time for a decorative pond or additional paths in the garden.

"Sorry for the bird" - we arrange bird feeders

We advise you to take care of the birds, which can be difficult to feed in the winter, arrange feeders for them and regularly sprinkle food in them.

How are things going in greenhouses

Do not forget about perennials wintering in an insulated greenhouse or on the terrace, take a look at how your fuchsia, pelargonium and other green pets are doing there. In the last period of winter, trim their trunks so that the lateral shoots grow more actively and the plants become more magnificent. To speed up the vegetation process, you can transfer plants to a place with a warmer temperature regime and better illumination.

It is also necessary to periodically monitor how dug bulbs and rhizomes of dahlias, cannes, gladioli and other heat-loving plants are stored.

Winter is the time to make plans!

Sitting at home in warmth and comfort and looking out your winter garden from the window (or remembering it if you are in the city), you may come up with more than one good thought on improving it. In winter, it is good to think over plans in order to begin their implementation in the spring. And on occasion, you should go to the garden center and purchase everything you need for the site during the winter sale, which usually takes place in January.

Garden work in winter

We are already meeting February with prepared seeds and garden tools, it is time to sow seeds for seedlings!

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